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‘How to Hack Birth Control’ Now Screening at a Film Festival Near You

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lighthouse International Film Festival - 06/03 - 06/05 | Virtual & In-Person, Long Beach Island, NJ

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Film Invasion LA - 06/08 - 06/19 | Virtual & In-Person, Los Angeles

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Comedy Film Festival- 06/12 | In-Person, Portland, OR

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - NewFilmmakers NY - 06/21  | Virtual

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Long Island International Film Festival - 07/13 - 07/17  | Virtual & In-Person, Long Island, NY

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Austin Comedy Film Festival - 07/17 | In-Person, Austin, TX

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Comedy Fest - 2022 | Screening TBD

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Women in Film Festival - 2022 | Screening TBD


Screening Info:

Interested in seeing How to Hack Birth Control? Now you can! 


Check out our upcoming screenings at film festivals and stay tuned for more screening dates as they unfold.



  • *WINNER* - BEST TV - Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2022

  • *WINNER* - BEST DIRECTOR - First Glance Film Festival

  • *WINNER* - FEMALE PERSPECTIVE AWARD - Hollywood Int. Diversity Film Festival 2022

  • *WINNER* - BEST COMEDY TRAILER - Film Fest @ LA Live 2021



  • *NOMINEE* - BEST EDITING - Women's Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta

  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Cinequest Film Festival

  • *OFFICIAL SELECTION* - Malibu Film Festival


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‘How to Hack Birth Control’ is a comedy digital series on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe. Told through the sharp wit and perky charm of the narrator Ruth, Birth Control takes a run at a hit list of ‘not supposed to talk about,’ scenarios. How do you get the morning after pill quickly and for free? Where can you hide your birth control? How do you get your doctor to listen to you? All of the things women want to know but are taught to be too afraid to ask.  Filled with backpack cats, patriotic American eagles, musical numbers and the game show, ‘Let’s Not Make a Baby,’  each memorable contraceptive milestone is a riotous new discovery. Authentically raw and LOL fun, ‘How to Hack Birth Control,’ will make you wonder what else sex-ed never told you.


Lighthouse International Film Festival on Long Beach Island, NJ, is much more than just a film festival. It's a vibrant cultural event that combines it all: seeing quality films in dark screening rooms, enjoying sunny beaches outside, as well as panels, networking events, food, drinks, and parties. All of it throughout one long fun weekend between June 2-5, 2022.

After being somewhat of a hidden gem for a decade, Lighthouse International Film Festival made a splash in 2020 pivoting the way as the first drive-in real film festival in the world as reported in Deadline, Variety, NJ Star-Ledger and the Rolling Stone magazine. It was also chosen as one of "The 25 Coolest Film Festival in The World" by MovieMaker Magazine in both 2018 and 2020. 


Founded by longtime residents and movie veterans alike, Film Invasion Los Angeles looks to showcase the best undiscovered movies in the heart of Los Angeles.

As an indie festival in Los Angeles, FILA emphasizes the work of filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and communities. It is our philosophy to honor their work as filmmakers and not place these filmmakers in separate categories based on race, sexual orientation, or gender identification. We have been proud to honor films from every community as Official Selections and Prize Winners, honoring their work as filmmakers and not "Black filmmakers" or "LGBTQ filmmakers" or "Women filmmakers." At FILA, all of our filmmakers are filmmakers and we honor them equally.


A live event founded in 2016, the Portland Comedy Film Festival showcases films, series episodes, music videos, screenplays and more at the Clinton Street Theater near downtown Portland, Oregon.


The state of Oregon is known for being a laid back, fun place, with lots to do outside. Whether it’s the nature experience, the arts or the wonderful food options, if you haven’t visited at least once, perhaps it’s time you came out here! The first event was held in 2017 and has been ranked in the FilmFreeway Top 100 with 80+ Five Star reviews.



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