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Sassy Mohen's innovative and bold, confident style is full of spirit and has emerged as a pioneer in the genre of female-driven comedy. She has written, directed, produced and edited multiple award winning FILMS, TV PILOTS, MUSIC VIDEOS, COMMERCIALS, SPECS and WEBSERIES.

In August of 2006, Sassy Mohen began pre-production on her first independent feature film, HAPPY HOLIDAYS when she was still a junior in film school at Chapman University. Denied support from the school because the project was “too ambitious,"  the film would go on to turn a profit, screen in indie theaters around the country and get worldwide distribution with IndieFlix. She credits this to their (then) unorthodox marketing campaign utilizing brand new social media platforms, youtube, twitter & facebook. 

Sassy jumped at the release of innovative new equipment such as the red camera, the digital SLR, 6k and was the first filmmaker to create a narrative short with audio on Google Glass. She was quick to adopt the web series as a dynamic and affordable medium, winning accolades with her rom-com ABOUT ABBY
In 2017, she was tapped by FX for the online web channel, THIS IS AOK, to write, direct, produce and edit their online comedy shorts. This propelled her into an auspicious commercial directing career, working with a variety of film production companies, brands, apps and colleges such as, BUD LIGHT, BLUE DIAMOND, PEPPERIDGE FARM, HELLO KITTY, ADVANCED ROOM, PROPPER DALEY, MOTISPARK & SABIO.

Her most recent short, FEAR ACTUALLY was released in April 2020 to rave reviews including winning BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR at the NIAGARA INDIE FILM FESTIVAL, the TORONTO INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL & FANTASTIC INDIE FESTIVAL of LOS ANGELES, among other festival wins and is currently available on YOUTUBE.

She is currently completing post-production on her newest lively and a little bit cheeky venture, the digital series HOW TO HACK BIRTH CONTROL, shining a light on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe, due to be released this fall 2021.

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